Meagan YoungMeagan Young
H ello. I’m Meagan Young, a graphic designer based in Utah. Knowing that I am truly awesome should be enough for you – but in case it isn’t, I offer the following:

I grew up in Northern Utah, got sick of the cold and moved to St. George, Utah for college. I graduated from Dixie State in 2011 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer & Information Technology and Art. I acquired my bachelor’s degree when I was 20 years old. Upon graduation I moved back to northern Utah (or Antarctica) and am currently working as a designer full time, with freelance on the side.

I love traveling, warm weather, Apple products and the color teal. I love being outside, concerts, museums, painting and the season of Fall. I’m a huge planner and goal setter. I am an avid journal writer (and sometimes blogging: View Here). I LOVE even numbers. I find myself going out of my way to make things symmetrical.  I could eat cereal for every meal, and ice cream is my favorite treat.

I’ve wanted to be a graphic designer since I was 8. I can remember playing in “Printmaster” making everything from cards for every holiday, to making my homework look like it could be put in a published book. My 5th grade teacher once told me she loved looking at my assignments all typed up with pictures and clip art to accessorize the page. In 7th Grade I took my first computer art class and ever since I was hooked.

I love the thrill of design — from the beginning sketch stages to seeing my work communicate a message to the viewer.  Good design can make a HUGE transformation in any company’s marketing strategy, and that’s where I come in.  I enjoy making companies and people look good  — graphically via web or print. Design must seduce, shape and perhaps more importantly, good design evokes an emotional response upon its viewer.  Creativity is intelligence having fun, and I strive to make that happen daily. My work speaks for itself, but if you’d like to know more, shoot me a message.

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-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe InDesign
-Adobe Fireworks

-CyberDuck, WinSCP

-Adobe Premiere

-Microsoft Office


-Some Javascript




-Sprout Social

-Google Adwords
-Google Adsense
-Google Analytics
-Google Webmaster Tools
-Bing Ads


-Mac & PC
-Operating Systems: Mac, Windows, Linux, BIOS, CMOS (college classes taken in all)

-Digital Photography (Upper Division College Classes)